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Is Christmas really in two weeks?

Can anyone believe that Christmas is two weeks from today? Really, I find it hard to believe. In fact, just yesterday a friend of mine on Twitter (here's a plug...follow me on Twitter: mentioned her family had only received one Christmas too! As she asked, I will ask you: Did we miss the memo? Are folks not sending out Christmas cards? I LOVE to get Christmas cards, especially with the goofy family letter with the update on what everyone has been doing so...if I'm not on your Christmas card list, please add me! :)

And on another Christmas note, about two weeks ago, I was so ahead of the game with shopping. All of a sudden, I'm behind. Another factor for us: two of our three kids have birthdays within a week after Christmas! This has a harsh impact on the checking account, for sure. However, it's been that way for a while, two of the kids' birthdays a week after Christmas. It's just the way it is....we'll survive as we do every year.

As for my health today, I woke up again with the sore neck, borderline hurting, as I have for two weeks now. I see "the doctor that I don't like", otherwise known as my endocrinologist, tomorrow. He is supposed to give me my ultrasound order to check out what's going on with my blood work so I would think at the same time that the ultrasound could also check out the entire neck and possibly the source of this neck pain. I'm hoping for no more cancer as you can imagine....
Editor's note: In my shameless plugging of Twitter above, I forgot to plug my friend who asked the Christmas card question. She is the author of Soup is not a finger of my favorite blogs. Check it out!


  1. I refuse to believe that Christmas is in two weeks since my kids wrote their Santa letters and suddenly there are things listed that they have never mentioned once in their LIVES!!!

    BTW, thanks so much for adding me to your blogroll. Now just to be a pest I'm moving to
    Just in case you want to update.


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