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No news yet...and thankful

It's been an interesting 48 hours digesting this new ultrasound/biopsy news. I've gone from really sad to mad to, well, this is just the way it is now for me. Not really resigned to it but knowing this is what I have to do again to get rid of cancer...again. I'll do it, and I'll win...again. That competitiveness that I've passed on to Mackenzie and Morgan does have it's place in times like this!

No news about the biopsy as it isn't even scheduled yet. "The doctor that I don't like" is out of the office until Monday morning. My family practice doc's office called today as they had the results and wanted to know if I knew and what the status was of the biopsy. Ah yes, this is how a doctor's office should be, caring about the patient and following up. My FP doc is the one who originally found the nodules on my thyroid on the routine exam in May.

Enough are some things I am thankful for. Not a complete list by any means but more random thoughts:
  • I am grateful that my almost-sixteen-year-old daughter still wants to eat dinner with me at IHOP and order funny face pancakes (see photo above)
  • I am grateful for doctors that I DO like and their caring, positive attitude
  • I am grateful for all of the amazing well wishes and prayer offers on my blog and Facebook page. Three friends posted on their blogs/CaringBridge pages about my ultrasound situation this week, and I've had a flood of support on the blog and Facebook. THANKS TO ALL!
  • I am grateful that my stepson Christian will be arriving tonight provided the Indianapolis weather will cooperate and his plane leaves. Currently, his plane is 2.5 hours late and still sitting there.
  • I am grateful for my Mom spending three weeks here this summer before, during, and after the surgery. Somehow she took care of me, fed us all, was chauffeur for soccer player and cheerleaders, and worked remotely. She's Superwoman!
  • I am grateful for a husband who makes me laugh, keeps me grounded, and is an all around amazing person.

OK, off to wrap some presents....


  1. We will pray for you. Have faith and it will be okay.
    Love, Katie

    P.S. My daughter has been battling cancer for 2 1/2 yrs now. She is now 3 1/2 yrs old. Here's her website

  2. You have so much to be thankful for, and the positive thinking is good. Last night after I read Meg's post, I happened to all of a sudden receive something - spam-like--from a minister.

    Keep in mind, I am someone who needs religion, believes in religion, but who does not go to church regularly as I should. (In fact, the last time I went regularly was when I was a teenager; I'm 43 now, shamed to admit.)

    The message had to do with continuing to be thankful and being positive even when the worst adversity hits us. I am not making this up - this came on the heels of my hearing about your news.

    I have always viewed life as one big test, and how we handle all the challenges will determine our outcome in the end. Look upwards and say thank you, even though you may not feel it. You have just done that exact same thing in your blog today...pick out the things that are wonderful and focus on that.

    Enough of my hot air...just know that there are people thinking about you, and wishing you joy and happiness.

  3. So glad you can still find the strength to remember to be thankful even when it's a mess. Hate that you've got to do it again but you've got the right attitude. Merry Christmas.

  4. May God bless you and your family, Charlcie. I truly hope that you experience great joy during the holiday season.

  5. HA - and now I know the real truth about CBW's age!

    May I offer an observation: Positive thinking plays a lot in not only what you might have to go thru in the next months and how you deal with it - but just as importantly, how other people look at you...especially your family. You will be setting the initial pace, everyone else will feed off of your attitude, you in turn will either be dragged down by their sour moods or encouraged and motivated by their high spirits (which they get from you).

    A lot of people believe your lot in life was determined long ago - that may or may not be true. But how you get to the end and how you interacted with people in the process is the only thing that's ever remembered afterwards. This may/may not faze you, but it's a gift you can give your family and friends.

    And probably the best thing...I'm just passin thru and so you don't have to worry about getting any more 'reminders' :))

  6. Charlcie, hang in there. I was diagnosed with a malignant melanoma back in 96 or 97. I still get checked, but so far no more have been found. I have lost family members to this damn disease, and currently have one fighting it. You can win. I hope you and the Dr. who is not your favorite end up being close friends. I am pulling for you.


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