Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Not festive...yet

Feeling guilty that I'm not feeling more grateful and in the Christmas spirit today like I was on Friday. Feeling more like "I have/had cancer (whatever this in-between state I am in is called...) and don't feel like being festive!". I'd rather go back to bed but have kids to get off to school (their last day before winter break), presents to wrap, food to shop for, etc. Just not feelin' it.

Any of you, cancer or not, just not feelin' it? I'm hoping to have a big turn around sometime today or surely on Christmas Eve. It feel selfish and guilty to feel this way, but I'm allowed some of this right? As long as I can get out of this funk before Christmas....

"Doctor that I don't like," his office called yesterday, and he wants me to go to his office to talk about the ultrasound. Going to do that late morning today.


  1. Hey Charlcie,
    Checking in this afternoon with a big, heaping, Sam's Club sized box of support today.

    Hoping you feel the Christmas spirit soon. You have your family and friends around you for support, and I trust this helps.

    Mad love from the Maryland side of the river from the McCormicks!

  2. So, what did the doctor say?

    I understand about not feeling very festive. I have been that way this year too. Between money being tight and the dog dying, it hasn't been a good season.

    We party with my side of the family tomorrow. That should help me feel more "Christmasy."